Thursday, February 5, 2015

Tidbits for Glue

Below are a couple recipes for various glues your characters might want to make use of.

To have a good glue always ready for use, just put a bottle two-thirds full of best common glue, and fill up the bottle with common whisky; cork it up, and set by for 3 or 4 days, and it will dissolve without the application of heat.
It will keep for years, and is always ready to use without heat, except in very cold weather, when it may need to be set a little while in a warm place, before using.
Source: Dr. Chase's Recipes ©1866

Portable Glue.—Useful for repairing book-bindings, leather goods, bank bills, parchments, etc. To use, hold over steam a moment or wet with the tongue and rub on the surfaces to be cemented. It is of great strength. Prepare as follows: White shell glue 2 pounds: boil and strain until clear; then boil 8 ounces of Cooper's isinglass to a creamy consistency; mix the 2 substances # in a clean double glue pot; add 1 pound good brown sugar to the mass, and boil, stirring until thick: pour off into shallow pans when nearly cold; cut in pieces for the desk or the pocket. This is a valuable recipe. Try it.

Parchment Glue.–Parchment shavings 1 pound, water 6 quarts; boil until dissolved; then strain and evaporate to the proper consistency. Use a water bath if wanted light colored.
Source: Lee's Priceless Recipes ©1895

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