Wednesday, February 4, 2015

1857 Historical Fashions

Below are some fashion selections from 1857. Perhaps that is too old for some of your characters, you might choose to compare with the "modern" trends of the 19th Century time period you're writing in. Perhaps the grandmother is making a comparison, or the mother. Or... Well you get the idea. Enjoy!

Made of light brown velvet or light cashmere. The zigzag boarder a la Grecque strips and dots are all of velvet

A bertha "for balls or for society" as our correspondent describes it. It is made of two copies of English thread lace, above which there is a broad puff of tull, through which is run a broad ribbon, of rose color, the same as the bows.

A cloak of light-gray summer-cloth, with side fringe of the same color. The stripes are of velvet ribbon, and produce a good effect if of a light-brown or chocolate color.

A Round Hat
For a lady, of gray English braid, with rows of black horse hair on the brim.

Ladies Traveling Bag

Light Muslin Promenade Dress

Everyday Outfit


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