Wednesday, February 11, 2015

1857 Fashions Continued

Below are some more examples of 1857 fashions.

High plain corsage, with berths; buttoned before and trimmed with puffs of the same material as the dress, or with silk ribbons. Pagoda or trumpet sleeves, trimmed to match. A double skirt--the under one entirely plain, the upper trimmed with ruches, running down at even distances--trimming material to correspond.

Plain "half-high" corsage, cut square, a slightly rounded point, and bertha of black lace. Trimmed around the neck with a ruche of ribbon and a fall of deep black lace. Open sleeves, slashed in front, caught up with bows of ribbon, and three flounces, trimmed with ruches and lace to match the body--material, dark-blue satin.

Home or Indoor Dress. Plain high corsage, without bertha, rounded at the waist; buttoned in front and trimmed with ruches, a la Raphael. Plain skirt, trimmed as with an apron,with ruches and pagoda sleeves with ruches all to correspond. Material steel gray fil-de-chevre.

Plain tight corsage, high in the neck, with point back and front. Long open sleeves, which have a double puff at the top. Three skirts--materials cross-barred gray taffety. Trimming of the body and sleeves: puffs of the same material as the dress, with gray silk fringe.

Front & Back Coiffure

Another Coiffure Front & Back

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