Thursday, March 6, 2014

Van Camp's & Canned Foods

Today Van Camp's is producing canned beans. However, the company was started in 1861 by Gilbert Van Camp and it was his son, Frank who was credited with the canned beans & pork.

In this ad (which I forgot to note the year) you'll note they sold condensed soups and one canned served 8 for .10 cents. They also mentioned mac and cheese with tomato sauce.

Below is a tidbit regarding the Van Camp's and their history of canning and refrigeration.
In 1860 he removed to Indianapolis, where he became associated with Calvin Fletcher and Martin William, under the firm name of Fletcher, Williams & VanCamp, for the introduction of the cold storage process of preserving fruits, meats, etc. Mr. VanCamp, as manager of the firm’s business, erected a warehouse with walls three feet in thickness, with a filling of cut straw, the inner surface being lined with galvanized iron and the outside covfired with sheet iron. This was the first satisfactory and successful experiment in the nature of cold storage warehouse...
In 1882, with Gilbert C. VanCamp as president, a position which he has held continuously to the present time. His son Frank is treasurer and general manager. As suggestive of the magnitude of the business it may be stated this company used six million tin cans in its operations last year, shipping its products to every state and territory of the Union and to Great Britain and the Continent of Europe.
Source: Encyclopedia of Biography of Indiana, Volume 2 ©1899

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