Tuesday, March 18, 2014


In the historical genre I writer in the publishers have very specific things you can and can not do with regard to dancing. However, that is there lean for their readers and I'm okay with writing what they want and not writing what they don't want. However, not all of you who read my blog write for the same kind of publishers and I thought these links might be helpful with regards to Historical Dances from the 19th Century.

A Complete Practical Guide to the Art of Dancing ©1864

Brookes on Modern Dancing ©1867

Dancing ©1895 This book is nice because it isn't limited to just American Dancing.

Dancing: A Complete Guide to All Dances ©1899

The Dance of Society ©1875 This edition is interesting because it comments on dances no longer fashionable at the time.

These are some great resources available from Google books, enjoy.

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