Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Typhus Fever Cleansing of a house and room to prevent infection

Below are 5 suggestions to help rid the house of Typhus Fever. These come from Dr. Chase's Recipes or Information for Everyone ©1866

TYPHUS FEVER.—To Prevent Infection.—Take nitre, (salt petre,) pulverized, £ oz.; oil of vitriol £ oz.; put the nitre into a tea-cup and set it on a red hot shovel, adding the vitriol one-sixth at a time, stirring it with a pipe stem; avoiding the fumes as they rise from the cup; no danger, however, in breathing the air of the room.
The above amount is sufficient for a room twelve by sixteen feet, and less or more according to the size of other rooms. Dr. J. C. Smith, of London, is said to have received from Parliament £5000 for making this recipe public.
2. To purify the air from noxious effluvia in sick rooms, not of a contagious character, simply slice three or four onions, place them on a plate upon the floor, changing them three or four times in the twenty-four hours.
3. Disinfectant, For Rooms, Meat, And Fish.—Common salt i a tea-cup; sulphuric acid 2 or 8 oz.; put about i oz. of of the acid upon the salt at a time, every 15 minutes, stirring, until all put on:
Which will purify a large room; and for meat or fish, hang them up in a box having a cover to it, and thus confine the gas, and tainted articles of food will soon be purified, by the same operation. And notwithstanding so much was paid for the "Smith Disinfectant," the above will be found equally good.
4. Coffee, dried and pulverized, then a little of it sprinkled upon a hot shovel, will, in a very few minutes, clear a room of all impure effluvia, and especially of an animal character.
5. Chloride Of Lime—Half a saucer of it, moistened with an equal mixture of good vinegar and water, a few drops at a time only, will purify a sick-room in a few minutes.

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