Monday, December 7, 2015

1884 House Plans Part 2

Below are some House plans from 1884 the cost of each of the houses to build is listed beside the house. These are houses and cottages that the lower income and farmers could build.

Single Story House $450 - $550 (depending on whether or not you add the half floor pictured below)

Story & One half House $550
First Floor is the same design as the house above.
Second Story

Country Cottage $550

For additional house plans from 1884 here's a link to a previous post.
1884 Cottage House Plans


  1. I'm wondering if any of you know what the "Press" room is in the first set of floor plans.

    1. After a bit more research, I believe it isn't a press room but a dressing room.

    2. Press may be from "clothes press" meaning anything you stored clothing in.

    3. My question is ... where's the kitchen in the top one?

  2. Finally a house that looks like mine! I've been looking for ages for house plans that actually match my house perfectly. Even though my house is a bungalow from the 1920s, it's pretty close to the Story & One Half House from 1884. I never would have thought to looks there or then for accurate plans. Just curious, what resource did you find these in?