Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Chicken Salad

I know we're past labor day and summer salads will soon be a thing of the past until next summer but it's still warm and perhaps your characters are hosting a party and its the summer.

So today we're posting a few recipes for Chicken Salad.

Chicken Salad.
(For forty guests.) Four chickens, same quantity of celery.
Twelve eggs, four tablespoons melted butter, four tablespoons oil, three tablespoons mustard, two teaspoons salt, two teacups vinegar, one pint cream. Beat yolks; add butter and oil slowly, then the mustard mixed smooth in a little hot water, then the beaten whites, then the vinegar and salt. Put on the stove in a custard kettle and cook until thick like custard. About an hour before serving mix the chicken and celery. Add cream to the dressing and pour over the chicken. Mrs. W. E. Burns.

Chicken Salad.
Shred fine two chickens and as much celery as chicken, chopped fine.
Two teaspoons mustard made in a paste with a little water, two teaspoons of sugar, one small teaspoon salt, three-fourths cup of vinegar, one-half cup of sweet cream, three eggs well beaten. Mix vinegar, sugar and salt with paste; add eggs; heat slowly with dish set in hot water and stir constantly till the thickness of cream. When done stir in a piece of butter size of an egg. Put cream in when you mix with chicken.
Mrs. H. Jay. Putman.

Chicken Salad.
Boil the fowls tender and remove all fat, gristle and skin, mince the meat in small pieces, but do not hash it. Take the same quantity of celery as chicken, cut into pieces of about one-quarter of an inch; mix thoroughly and set in a cool place. Use Eoyal Yacht Club Salad Dressing. Garnish the dish with fresh lettuce leaves, hard-boiled eggs or red beets cut in fancy shapes.
Source: Cook Book of Tried Recipes ©1897

Chicken Salad
Boil one chicken until tender, shred in fine pieces; cut white, tender stalks of celery very fine; about one cup of celery to one chicken. Mix chicken and celery together then stir well into them a mixture, in proportion of three tablespoonfuls of vinegar to one of oil,with pepper, salt, and a little mustard to taste. Put this aside for an hour or two or until just before serving, it will absorb the vinegar, etc. When about to serve mix the celery and chicken with a Mayonnaise sauce, leaving a portion of the sauce to mask the top. Reserve several fresh leaves of celery with which to garnish the dish. Stick a little bouquet of these tops into the center of the salad, then a row of them around it; sometimes slices or little cut diamonds of hard boiled eggs'are used for garnishing. Chicken salad is often made with lettuce instead of celery, the lettuce not being added until the last thing before serving. Salmon, shrimps and other salads are made in the same way, always using lettuce. Those desiring to, may add a little onion.
Source: Santa Rosa Recipes ©1891

Mrs. Henderson's Cook Book.

One chicken; white celery stalks; 3 tablespoons vinegar; I tablespoon Howland's olive oil; salt, pepper, mustard.
Boil chicken till tender, when cold, separate the meat from the bones. Cut into small bits; do not mince it. Cut some white, tender stalks of celery into three-quarters inch lengths. Mix chicken and celery together; stir into them a mixture in the proportion of three tablespoons of vinegar to one of oil; pepper, salt, mustard to taste. Set this aside for an hour or two. When ready to serve mix the chicken and celery with a mayonnaise dressing, reserving a portion of the mayonnaise to mark the top. Garnish with fresh celery leaves, stick a bunch of these in the center of the salad and from the center to each of the four sides, sprinkle rows of capers.
Chicken salad is often made of lettuce instead of celery. Marinate the chicken alone a moment before serving, add the small, tender, sweet lettuce leaves, then pour mayonnaise dressing over the top. Garnish with the center heads of lettuce, capers, cold chopped red beets, or sliced hard-boiled eggs. Sometimes little slips of anchovy are added for a garnish. When on the table it should all be mixed together.
Many may profit by this recipe for chicken salad, for it is
astonishing how few understand making so common a a dish. It is often minced and mixed with hard-boiled eggs for a dressing.

Mrs. E. A. Otis.
In mixing chicken salad allow one yolk of an egg to each chicken, and to four chickens one and a half pints of olive oil. Pick the chickens apart with fingers, removing carefully all fat and skin. Then take celery, pick likewise into small pieces and add it to the chicken until there is an equal quantity of each. If celery cannot be obtained, use lettuce prepared in the same manner.
For the dressing one level teaspoon of salt to each yolk of an egg; pepper to taste, one teaspoon of dry mustard, and juice of one lemon, more if the lemon is not very juicy. The oil should be added a few drops at a time, stirring constantly. While stirring, add an occasional drop of vinegar. To this mixture add the last thing one-half cup of rich cream, and when thoroughly mixed, pour over the salad just before it is served. The object of the lemon is to cut the oil, and make the dressing of a cream-like consistency.
Source: How We Cook in Los Angeles ©1894
(Gotta love that title for a cook book)

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