Monday, September 1, 2014

19th Century Cook Books

I've been collecting a resource of Google Cook Books from the 19th Century below is my list to date. Note that some are no longer available on Google books. This is one of the reasons I will download a copy for myself for research purposes. The one time I didn't copy my original source and an editor questioned me on it, the resource disappeared when I went to show the editor the information. It's a lesson I learned early in my writing career. I was able to prove my facts but it took a lot more time.

So if one of these cook books is important to your character and their story than you might want to download a copy for your records. Enjoy!

1810 The_new_family_receipt_book

1811 The_art_of_preserving_all_kinds_of_animal and Vegetable

1819 The_family_receipt_book

1820 The_new_family_receipt_book_

1829 The_French_cook

1829 The_Italian_confectioner

1830 Seventy_five_receipts_for_pastry_cakes_and Sweetmeats

1831 Family_receipts (Which I downloaded and have a copy but couldn't locate on Google books

1834 Simpson_s_cookery_improved_and_modernised: The Complete Modern Cookbook

1835 The_American_frugal_housewife

1838 The_Virginia_housewife

1840 Directions_for_cookery_in_its_various_branches

1845 The_New_England_economical_housekeeper

1850 Miss_Leslie_s_lady_s_new_receipt_book

1851 Miss_Leslie_s_complete_cookery (This edition seems to no longer be available on Google Books but it isn't that different from the one listed above.)

1855 Cook_book

1857 Miss_Leslie_s_new_cookery_book

1857 Mrs's Hales New Cook Book

1857 Mrs__Hale_Receipts for the Million

1863 The_book_of_household_management

1864 The_American_Home_Cook_Book The opening section of this cook book has several drawings of the various tools and equipment used at that time. Many still look the same today.

1865 Mrs_Beeton_s_Dictionary_of_every_day_cooking

1871 De_Witt_s_Connecticut_cook_book_and_housekeeper's assistant

1871 Miss_Beecher_s_Domestic_Receipt_book

1872 The_Appledore_cook_book

1881 Household_hints

1884 Mrs_Owens_cook_book_and_useful_household hints This one is no longer at Google books but can be found at the Library of Congress

1890 Keesling_s_Book_of_Recipes_and_Household

1893 Cooking_for_profit

1896 The_Boston_cooking_school_cook_book The Original Fanny Farmer Cook Book

1897 Mrs_Owens_new_cook_book_and_complete_household hints

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