Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Cookie Anyone

For the sweet tooth of your historical characters here are some cookie recipes:

Half a pound of butter, one pound of sugar, six eggs, one teaspoonful of powdered hartshorn, two pounds of flour. Mix butter and eggs to a cream. Add eggs two at a time. Dissolve the hartshorn in a little milk, and add to the mixture. Add flour, and mix well. Roll, then bake in hot oven.
Four ounces of butter, twelve ounces of sugar, two eggs, half a pint of milk, one teaspoonful of hartshorn, two pounds of flour. Mix butter and sugar well together. Add eggs, then the milk with hartshorn dissolved in it. Then add flour. Mix as little as possible. Too much mixing will make this dough tough. Roll fairly thin, and bake in hot oven.
Source: Green's Receipt Book ©1894

Rub to a cream three-quarters of a cup of butter and one cup of sugar; add four eggs, one at a time, and the grated peel of a lemon. Then dissolve a lump of ammonia, about the size of a bean, in a quarter of a pound of lukewarm milk ; add this and just enough sifted flour to enable you to roll out on the baking-board. Roll quite thin. Beat up an egg and brush over the cookies, sprinkle with sugar, cinnamon and pounded almonds. These are very nice. Be careful not to add too much flour. Omit the almonds if you are not fond of them.‘
Take one cup of butter, two cups of sugar, one cup of milk, three teaspoonfuls of baking powder, three to five eggs and two teaspoonfuls of caraway seed. Flour enough to roll. Don’t get it too stiff.
Take two cups gf butter, two of sugar, one of milk; quarter of apound of almonds, five cents’ worth of oil of cloves; flour enough to roll and two teaspoonfuls of baking powder.
Take one cupful of sugar, two of molasses, one of butter; one teaspoonful of soda, dissolved in a cup of boiling water; one tablespoonful of ginger, and flour enough to mix, and roll out soft.
Take one cupful of butter, one of sugar, two ' or three eggs, and two-thirds of a cupful of sour milk. Dissolve a teaspoonful of soda in a little hot water; add part of it at a time to the milk until it foams as you stir it. Be careful not to get in too much. Mix up soft, only using flour suflicient to roll out thin. A teaspoonful of cardamom seed may be sprinkled into the
Take one-half cup of butter and one cup and a half of sugar, and rub to a cream. Add two eggs, three-quarters of a‘ cup of milk, one—half cup of citron, cut up very fine, one teaspoonful of allspice and one of cloves. Take whole spices and pound them in a mortar, and flour to thicken. Make stiffer than ordinary cup cake dough; flavor to suit'taste, and drop on large tins with a teaspoon. Grease the pans, and bake in a quick oven. The best plan is to try one on a plate. If the dough runs too much add _more flour._ Sift one heaping teaspoonful of baking powder in with the flour.
Beat the whites of two eggs to a stiff froth, adding gradually one cup of confectioner’s sugar and one heaping cupful of dessicated cocoanut, and two heaping teaspoonfuls of arrowroot. Drop from the teaspoon upon buttered paper in a large baking pan. Drop an inch apart. Bake in a moderate oven fifteen minutes.
(No. 1.) Rub to a cream half a pound of best butter and add half a pound of pulverized sugar, the grated peel of a lemon, a tablespoonful of brandy, and the grated yelks of six hardboiled eggs, a teaspoonful of cardamom seed pounded fine, a tablespoonful of rosewater, and as much pulverized ammonia as you can put on the end of a knife. Work this into a soft dough, with just enough flour to roll out. Don’t get your dough too stiff, flour your board thickly and roll out thin. Spread with the beaten whites of the eggs and pounded almonds. Bake in a quick oven for about ten minutes. Prepare the eggs same as for “ Mother’s Delicious Cookies,” by breaking each egg carefully, putting the whites in a deep bowl and setting on ice until wanted, and put each yelk into a half shell (do this as you break each egg,’ leaving the ‘yelk in the same egg shell) and set in boiling water and boil until hard, then take them out and set in a cool place, and do not attempt to grate them until perfectly cold. It would be much easier to boil the whole egg, but then you would waste
the whites.
(No. 2.) Boil six eggs hard. When cold shell and grate the yelks (reserve the whites for salads or to garnish vegetables), add half a pound of sugar, the grated peel of a lemon and half a wineglassful of brandy. Stir in half a pound of butter which has been worked to a cream (unless your butter is sweet you had better wash it
through several waters before rubbing it). Sift‘
in as much flour as you think will allow you to roll out the dough; take as little as possible, a little over half a pound, and flour the board very thick. Put in about two cents’ worth of cardamom seed and very little rosewater. Cut out with a fancy cake cutter and brush with beaten egg. Sprinkle pounded almonds‘ and sugar on top. If you add half a teaspoonful of pulverized ammonia it will .make the cookies very light. It should .be ‘sifted with the flour.
Take one pound of flour, one pound of sugar, seven eggs, the grated peel of a lemon, a piece of citron, also grated, a tablespoonful of ground cinnamon, a teaspoonful of cardamom ‘seed, pounded fine, and half a teaspoonful of ground cloves. Stir the eggs, sugar and spices about half an hour, add the sifted flour gradually; cut the wafers with a teaspoon and bake in pans upon buttered or waxed paper,
Take one-quarter of a pound of the best vanilla chocolate, grated, one-quarter of a pound of confectioner’s sugar, one-quarter of a pound of grated almonds (a few bitter ones mixed), and the stifi'-beaten whites of six eggs. Stir the sugar and beaten whites, then add the chocolate and almonds, and drop upon waxed paper with a teaspoon, about two inches apart.
Source: Aunt Babett's Cook Book ©1889

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