Thursday, May 29, 2014

Newspaper Indexes

Every now and again I stumble on something I think will be quite helpful for others while researching their projects. Today I'd like to share about a source that is sometimes overlooked and not always that easy to find, "A Newspaper Index" I make use of this while I'm visiting historical societies and trying to find other interesting tidbits that were going on in the year I'm setting my story. Google books now has some of these indexes online, I've found two but there are probably more.

Here is a link to Index to the Newspapers Published in Geneva, NY
And another to Palmer's Index to the Times

The largest free site that I'm aware of for access to Newspapers is Chronicling America hosted by the Library of Congress. It's a bit slow at times but the quality of the news papers are really very good.

There are paid sites available that have historical newspapers but this blog primarily speaks to free online sources.

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