Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1835 Fashions

This is the only image I have so far for 1835 fashions and the sketch is a bit simple but I'm including in today's tidbit the text with the image from the 1835 fashion sheet. I love some of the wording in this text.

RIDING COATS for this month are made single-breasted, faced in the fronts with silk; velvet collars, and gilt buttons. The colors are a rich red brown, light green, and gold mixtures.
The new BROWN SURTOUT (for the Spring) will most probably take the lead this month; made single-breasted, to turn back to the second button in the waist; the collar (which is of velvet) is very broad in front, but rather narrow behind; the breasts faced with silk, and rather large fancy twist buttons.
faced with satin, continues to be the favorite; a few Evening Coats, of a light-green color, will be worn: these have a very lively appearance, but the former are decidedly the most dressy.
The newest materials for MORNING TROUSERS are the checked single-milled cashmeres, and striped merino doeskins, which, in contrast with their almost-numberless rivals, will obtain the decided preference with all who study neatness and gentlemanly taste. Broad linen cords, diagonal draped cantons, gambroons, &c., of various colors, of which there is an infinite variety, will also be much worn.
Black, lavender, and white for Dress.
Trousers are still made full in the legs.
The Buff Waist-coat, richly braided with white, still continues to be much worn by Gentlemen of fast; they are now made with broad rolling collars, and silver buttons. A very neat variety of striped and checked Challis Waistcoats are introducing, which, with a few new silks, will be the fashion for this month. Some Waistcoats are made with plain upright collars, but the general mode is with a broad rolling collar--single-breast.
as last month.
In full Dress an under Waistcoat, of scarlet, blue, or white.

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