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Continuing Thursday's Post with regard to newspaper indexes.

Here is a link to "History and Present Condition of the Newspaper and Periodical Press" ©1884 In these pages you'll find lists by states of the various states. Below is an example from Iowa:
Area, 55,475 square miles; population, 1,624,615; 99 counties— newspapers published in all. The total number of newspapers and periodicals published in 1840 was 4; in 1850, 29; 1860, 130; 1870, 233; 1880, .">69. The publications during 1880 were divided, according to periods of issue, as follows: Dailies, 30; weeklies, 500; semi-weeklies, 3; tri-weeklies, 1; bi-weeklies, 2; monthlies, 31; semi-monthlies, 1; quarterlies, 1. In each of 140 towns one paper was published; in 61, two; in 33, three; in 10 four; and in 21, five or more.
1836, May 11.—Printing was introduced at Dubuque. The publications prior to 1842 were as follows: (a)
1836, May 11.—The Dubuque Visitor, established at Dubuque Lead Mines, Wisconsin territory, by John King. Now published as the Dubuque Herald.
1837, June 3.—The Iowa News, at Dubuque, by RusseU & Coriell. 1837, July 8.—The Western Adventurer, at Montrose, by Thomas
1837, July 8.—The Wisconsin Territorial Gazette, at Burlington, by Clark & Jacobs. Now published as the Burlington Gazette.
1837, September.—The Western Emigrant and Historian, at Montrose, by Thomas Gregg; monthly, 16 pages. But three numbers were issued.
1838, March 24.—The Fort Madison Patriot, at Fort Madison, by James E. Edwards. Removed to Burlington, November 27, 1833, and called the Burlington Patriot. Now published as the Burlington Hawlrye.
1838, August 4.—The Iowa Sun, at Davenport, by Andrew Log:in. Now published as the Davenport Democrat.
1840, October 23.—The Iowa Standard, at Bloomington (now Muscatine), by William Cram.
1840, October 27.—The Bloomington Herald, at Bloomington (now Muscatine), by Thomas Hughes.
1841, May 23.— The Fort Madison Courier, at Fort Madison, by R. W. Albright.
1841, June 10.—The Iowa City Standard, at Iowa City, by William Cram. Now published as the Ioxea City Republican.
1841, July.—The Miner's Express, at Dubuque, by Avery Thomas.
1841, July 30.— The Iowa City Argus, at Iowa City, by Nathan Jackson.
1841, August 26.—The Davenport Gazette, at Davenport, by Alfred Saunders. The first steam press in Iowa was used in this office in 1855. The daily (first in the state) was established October 16, 1854. Still published.
1841, December 3.—The Iowa Capital Reporter, at Iowa City, byHughes & Van Antwerp. Now published as the Iowa State Press.
a Compiled by John Springer, of Iowa City.

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