Friday, April 1, 2016

Paper Dolls

There were several books sold for Christmas and other occasions of paper dolls. This is not an exhausted list but it will help get you started. Note the various "kinds" of paper dolls.

Here is a list with descriptions:

By Florence E. Cory.
Nine designs ofBrownies in characteristic costumes, front and bach, in many colors, and so made that they can be cut out as paper dolls.
I. In book form, with bright covers In colors, i vol., oblong 4to, cloth back 75 cents.
II. With the designs as loose sheets, in a box with bright covers in colon, 75 cents.

A Year of Paper Dolls,"
by Miss E. S. Tucker,
is a beautiful and unique novelty for children, similar in general idea to the popular " Brownie Dolls," which have had such a great success. It has twelve designs of children in dresses appropriate to the different months of the year, front and back, in many colors, and so made that they can be cut out as paper dolls. One of these sets of dolls will furnish amusement to a child for months. One entirely new feature is that with these dolls comes a sheet of calendar dates. The dates of each month can be cutout and pasted on the doll representing that month, the twelve figures making a calendar that will last through the year. This new and interesting feature makes the dolls a source of instruc
tion as well as pleasure to children. (75c.)

The Dolls of A11 Nations.
Figures of girls of different nations, in box. . .50

Lady Dolly and her Fancy Dresses.
Figures of Mother Goose characters, in box...50
These dolls are on a different plan of any in the market, having easel backs to stand up and made very beautifully. Each doll has six costumes.

These next few are wholesale prices from 1894:
One Cent Dolls
New Paper Dolls, 4 kinds
Paper Soldiers, Infantry, 12 kinds
A Buffalo Bill, or the Wild West
Amusements for Children, 12 kinds Large Pictures of Animals to cut out. Cards 6 1/2 by 14 inches very handsomely printed in color.
New Paper Soldiers and Indians, These soldiers and Indians are represented in action, running, shooting, etc.
The sheets are 5 1/4X17 inches,

Five Cent Dolls
French Paper Dolls in Sheets
Paper Furniture, small, 4 kinds,
Jointed Dolls 8 kinds these are undressed dolls 6.5 inches tall.
Jointed Dolls 9 inches tall beautifully lithographed, having their arms and legs jointed so they can move in any position. They are intended to be dressed in tissue paper.

Ten Cent Dolls
My Dolly, 12 pages, with colored and monochrome illustrations, 3 3/8 x 8.5 inches, 6 kinds assorted.

Fifteen Cent Dolls
New Paper Dolls in Envelopes.
Size 7.5x11 inches

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