Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Honey (But not really)

Below are some recipes for making "honey" and I'm not writing about getting honey from bees. Who would have thought they came up with fake honey back in the 19th Century but they did.

Artificial Cuba Honey —Good brown sugar 10 lbs.; water 1 qt. old bee bread honey, in the comb 2 lbs; cream of tartar 1 tea-spoon; gum arabic 1 oz. oil of peppermint 3 drops; oil of rose 2 drops. Mix and boil 2 or 3 minutes and have ready 1 qt.more of water in which an egg is put well beat up; pour it in, and as it begins to boil, skim well, remove from the fire, and when a little cool, add 2 lbs. of nice bees' honey, and strain.

This is really a nice article, looking and tasting like honey. It has been shipped in large quantities under the name of "Cuba Honey." It will keep any length of time as nice and fresh as when first made, if sealed up. Some persons use a table-spoon of slippery elm bark in this amount, but it will ferment in warm weather, and rise to the «op, requiring to be skimmed off. If it is to be used only ibr eatiDg purposes, the cream-of-tartar and gum arabic may be left out, also the old bee-bread honey, substituting for it another pound of nice honey.

2. Domestic Honey.—Coffee sugar 10 lbs.; water 3 lbs.; cream of tartar 2 ozs.; strong vinegar 2 table-spoons: the white of 1 egg well beaten; bees honey 1/2 lb.; Lubin's extract of honeysuckle 10 drops.

First put the sugar and water into a suitable kettle and place upon the fire; and when luke-warm stir in the cream of tartar, and vinegar; then continue to add the egg; and when the sugar is nearly melted put in the honey and stir until it comes to a boil, take it off, let it stand a few minutes, then strain, adding the extract of honeysuckle last, let stand over night, and it is ready for use. This resembles candied honey, and is a nice thing.
3. Excellent Honey.—An article suitable for everyday use is made as follows:

Good common sugar 5 lbs.; water 1 qt.; gradually bring it to a boil, skimming well; when cool, add 1 lb. bees' honey and 4 drops of peppermint essence.
If you desire a better article, use white sugar and one half pint less water and one-half pound more honey. If it is desired to give it the ropy appearance of bees' honey, put into the water one-fourth ounce of alum.

4. Premium Honey.—Common sugar 4 lbs.; water 1 pt.; let them come to a boil, and skim; then add pulverized alum 1/4 oz.; remove from the fire and stir in cream of tartar 1/2 oz.; and water or extract of rose 1 table-spoon, and it is fit for use.
This took the premium at an Ohio State Fair. We use the recipes for common sugar and the one using Lubin's extract of honeysuckle, and desire nothing better.
Source: Dr. Chase's Recipes ©1866

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