Friday, January 8, 2016

1882 Straw Cradle aka baby carrier

Below is some information on a wicker cradle what we would call a baby carrier today. There are two illustrations, the wicker alone and the covered carrier.

A great advantage in this wicker cot is that is so light to carry, that its transportation from one room to another is an easy matter. The cradle is given trimmed and untrimmed. In the untrimmed model, the head lining only is given, which is of white glazed chintz; but silk can be used, if preferred. The outside is covered with chintz, having a white ground, with a tiny pattern of rosebuds. The ruche around the head and foot is of the same material, and the handles are worked over with wools to match the colors in the chintz. Some cover these cradles with colored silesia, and over that dotted white moulin, and frills of lace, and bows of ribbon.

Any basket-maker can make the foundation, from this model, by giving the proper size required.

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