Monday, January 18, 2016

1881 Wardrobe & Cabinet

The illustrations below are English design and if your characters were to purchase them more than likely they wouldn't have been able to in 1881. However, if your character is living in America and stumbles upon this magazine "The Furniture Gazette" it could inspire him or her to build one like it. Just a couple random ideas you could make use of these tidbits with.

The Wardrobe that forms the subject-matter of one of our sheets of illustrations belongs to the Bedroom Suite shown in our last issue. In style, it partakes somewhat of the Chippendale character. It is made both in walnut and in pitch pine, with bevelled plate-glass in the centre. The wardrobe, as well as the above cabinet, have been manufactured by Messrs. Bamett Moss & Co., of Great Eastern-street, Old-street.

An Ebonised Early English Cabinet is illustrated on our third Plate. It is of solid construction, without being massive in appearance. Cupboard, drawer, and shelf room have been provided in such a manner that almost every nook of the Cabinet has been turned to good advantage.

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