Wednesday, November 18, 2015

1830 Fashions

These are English November fashions from 1830 original source. Thanksgiving wasn't a part of English traditions so whether or not these were worn in the USA in the fall of 1830 I leave to your imagination. Followed by the descriptions given in the magazine.

Evenino Dress.
A Dress composed of pale lemon coloured gaze popeline, over a white satin one. The corsage, cut very low, is open before and behind; the lappets are embroidered in a light but rich pattern in white floize silk. The unde+corsage is made square, and arranged in small longitudinal plaits: the sleeves form two bouffants, one immediately above the elbow; the other reaching half way to the wrist, where it terminates in a deep tight cuff of the material of the dress. The skirt is decorated with a single flounce, which comes as high as the knee, and is finished round the border in an embroidery of detached sprigs of foliage in white floize silk. An embroidery also in white silk, of light bouquets, surmounts the flounce. The head-dress is a crape hat: the colour, a new shade of rose noisette. The inside of the brim is decorated with a noeud of gauze ribbon to correspond, on the left side, and with cogues on the right; two very large noeuds of ribbon are placed, one at the top of the crown in front, on the right side, the other at the bottom upon the brim. A bouquet, consisting of light sprigs of flowers, is inserted at the side between the knots. Necklace, gold and emeralds; ear-rings and bracelets, gold finely wrought.

Dinner Dress.
A Crimson satin dress, the corsage, cut very low round the bust, is disposed in front in drapery folds, which meet in the centre, and form a demi losunge. A gold enamelled pin, beautifully wrought, fastens the folds in the centre of the bosom. Long and very wide sleeves of gaze de soie, over short ones of crimson satin; the sleeve is terminated by a mani-hette a la A'hion of the same material. The head-dress is a beret, composed of shaded blue gauze: it is of a very light
and novel form, and ornamented only with a very broad gauze ribbon to correspond, which is fastened in two short bows, with ends that fall nearly to the knee, on the left side. Ear-rings of massive gold, of the pear form. The bracelets are, one of black velvet with a gold clasp, the other of gold chains.

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  1. Color pictures - hooray! I imagine my characters dressed in grey - or forget clothes altogether. Fortunately one of my critique partners has theater experience and reminds me about costuming.