Friday, October 16, 2015

Pleasure Travel Hints

Here's a list of suggestions for pleasure travel in 1874.

1. Purchase through tickets previously to entering the cars.
2. Attend to checking your baggage rin person before taking your seat in the car.
3. Select a seat on the shady side of the car.
4. When you leave your seat, place a parcel, coat, or something belonging to you on it, which is an evidence of the seat being engaged.
5. Have the exact change to pay your fare on the cars, or you are subjected to be ejected from the cars—it has been decided by law that a conductor is not obliged to make change for a passenger.
6. Railroad Checks are good only for the train for which they are used; passengers cannot lay over for another train without making arrangements with the conductor.
7. Ladies without escort in travelling should be very particular with whom they become acquainted.
"If your lips would save from slips,
Five things observe with care:
Of whom you speak—to whom you speak,
And how—and when—and where."
8. If you see a lady unaccompanied, do not obtrude yourself upon her notice.
9. If she needs your services, tender them as though they were due to her, without unnecessary forwardness or undue empressment.
10. Such services do not entitle you to after recognition, unless by permission of the lady.
11. Ladies travelling with children should invariably have a basket of eatables, a tumbler or a goblet, for the children to drink from, and keep the children in their seats.
12. Keep your head and arms inside the car windows.
13. Never talk on politics in the cars —it is usually disagreeable to some of your fellow-travellers.
14. Never talk loudly while the train is in motion; it may not annoy any one, but it will injure your lungs.
15. A gentleman should not occupy more than one seat at a time.
16. Gentlemen should not spit tobacco juice in the cars where there are ladies; it soils their skirts and dresses.
17. Always show your ticket (without getting into a bad humor,) whenever the conductor asks for it. Observe this rule and it will pay.
18. Never smoke in a car where there are ladies. No gentlemen would be guilty of such an act.
19. Never use profane language in a railroad car.
20. If you cannot sleep yourself, don't prevent others from doing so, by whistling or loud talking.
21. Make a bargain with the hackman before getting into his carriage.
22. Look out for pickpockets.
23. Remember, that unless you pay for two seats you are entitled to but one, and every gentlemen and lady too, will respect the rights of others, and be mindful especially of the weak, the aged, and the infirm.
24. Provide yourself with sleeping berths before starting—you may then have a choice—the double lower birth is preferable.
25. Always be at the railroad station in good time to take the train. Better be an hour too early than a minute too late.
Note.—Many of the above rules are as applicable to Steamboat travelling as when travelling on Railroads. Often much comfort can be obtained by writing or sending a telegraph in order to secure state rooms, &c.

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