Wednesday, March 11, 2015

1871 Fashions

Below are a series of links to earlier post regarding 1871 Fashions. My St. Augustine Historical Series was set during that time period so I have quite a few links and info to share. Please note when writing in the couple years following you're more likely to see these fashions on your characters because, well let's face it, it took a while to come across the pond and then travel from the East to West.

1871 Fashions

1871 Fashions Part 1

1871 Fashions Part 2

1871 Women's Fashions

1871 Men's Fashions

1871 Fashion Accessories

1871 Fashion Accessories

Etiquette in Dress Fashion

1871 Fashion An Article.


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    1. I'm glad you found it helpful, Davalyn

  2. I enjoy your blog very much! As a genealogist, I'm interested in all things historical that impacted the day to day lives of my ancestors. Your blog provides me with a window into their world. Thank you so much!

    1. Thanks, Laura. I dabble in my family's genealogy as well. My father's family hails from New England however one of his grandmothers was actually born in the west. (Indiana) as the family headed out to homestead. She was born and her mother died. Her father eventually moved back to NH to be closer to family. She talked about sitting on the plains and Indians (now referred to as Native Americans) would come up to the house. Anyway, I'm glad you found this blog.