Friday, November 7, 2014

Boy's Toys to make Part 1

Today begins the first in a series of Boys Toys and the instructions in how to make them.

As a sample here are the illustrations and directions to make a paper boat. There is another boat, a comic paper mask, a pyramidical hat, a paper box, a fire balloon, parachute, and three kites. If you would like a pdf or word doc of these instructions email me lynn(at) and I'll be happy to send you a copy. Just let me know which kind of file you would like.
Cut a piece of white writing paper, but not of too stiff a quality, six inches by four (fig. 1);
fold it to the dotted line a, making exactly one half when folded to c; then the corners b b are to meet in the centre (fig. 2); turn down the two sides d forming the dotted lines e, take the two sides between each finger and thumb, in the left hand, and with the right pull it out until it forms fig. 3,
taking care to turn over the corners at dotted line e; turn down F the two top lines to dotted line g, pull out the sides again, as before, to make fig. 4;
a a being pulled out as before described, taking care not to press the inside, it will form the boat, fig. 5.

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