Friday, October 31, 2014

St. Augustine, FL

Tomorrow is the release of my newest novel, The Innkeeper's Wife it is the second novel in my historical St. Augustine series. I had a lot of fun working with the 'marriage of convenience' scenario for this book. As with all my books, I try to do something a bit unique and in this case the reasons for the marriage of convenience are not your typical reasons that you find written about today.

While researching for this series I came across a booklet about St. Augustine that was published in 1872. In that publication were the seven images I'm posting below. These images helped me gain persecutive of the feel of St. Augustine back in that time period. They also showed me that some of these very same places haven't changed very much. In fact, they have been repaired and in much better shape than the artist's sketches.

Below the first seven are some photographs from 1875 that also gain some interesting perspective of St. Augustine at the time.

The City Gate in 2007


Fort Marion today it is known as Castillo de San Marcos.
Today the Castillo de San Marcos

The harbor in 1875
In 2006 looking down on the river from the Fort

Another Classic Site in St. Augustine is the oldest school house. Note the chains and anchor to hold down the schoolhouse in case of a storm.

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