Monday, July 17, 2017

Children's Games

I stumbled on this paragraph while reading "The Home: a Fireside Monthly"©1858. The paragraph includes various games played by the adults in the conversation. If you know of any source that explains these games I'd love for you to share them with us.

"Why not? What is your objection?" asked my brother from Iowa, who had come for a few days' visit. "I am sure I should like myself, to see a children's party, such as we used to have at home. Don't you remember the famous plays in Mr. Reed's dining-room, and at Squire Dickinson's ? — Button, and Hunt the Slipper, and Blind Man's Buff, and Here we go around the Barberry Bush! I should be very sorry to be without such recollections, or to have my children grow up without them."

Note: Blind man's buff not bluff at this time. And I'm wondering if Button is the same as Button, Button, Who's Got the Button? Hunt the Slipper could have been played this way. Also, Here we go around the Barberry Bush or Mulberry Bush as we tend to know it today.

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