Friday, February 3, 2017

Mocha Coffee

No, this isn't what we think of today as mocha coffee. We are used to a chocolate coffee drink/flavor that makes up mocha coffee. But during the 19th century Mocha coffee was a type of coffee primarily grown in Yemen. In 1873 $2,216.00 was the income of trade between Egypt and the United States for mocha coffee. Below is a brief description of the bean from Reports of the United States Commissioners to the Universal Exposition of Paris ©1891 pg700

Mocha coffee is considered the best of all. Genuine Mocha is grown in Arabia where coffee culture has been carried on for more than four centuries, and for two centuries the Arabians furnished the coffee supply for the world. Now, however, a comparatively small amount of Arabian coffee enters into consumption, not more than 4,000 tons per year being exported, half of which goes to France. The Mocha seed has been planted in Brazil and other countries, but with change in place there seems to be a change in the character of the plant and berry. The Mocha berry is round, and when fresh roasted has a rich aroma. The large beans are preferred in Europe, while Americans prefer the small ones.

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