Thursday, May 21, 2015


Similes.—" Pray, mother, what arc similes?" "They are resemblances, my child; the word simile means a thing that is like another."
As proud as a peacocft—as round as a pea;
As blithe as a lark—as brisk as a bee;
As light as a feather—as sure as a gun;
As green as the grass—as brown as a nut;
As rich as a Jew—as warm as toast;
As cross as two sticks—as deaf as a post;
As sharp as a needle—as strong as an ox;
As grave as a judge—as sly as a fox;
As old as the hills—as straight aa a dart;
As solid as marble—as firm as a rock;
As soft as a plum—as dull as a block;
As paie as death—as blind as a bat;
As white as a sheet—as black as my hat;
A.s yellow as gold—as red as a cherry;
As W*m as water—as brown as a berry;
As plain as ;j pickaxe—as big as a house;
As flat as It- table—as sleek as a mouse;
As tall as lie- steeple—as round as a wheel;
As broad as 'tis long—Bs long as you please.
. Merry's Museum.
Source: The Farmer's Almanack ©1841