Friday, August 15, 2014

Clam Chowder

Okay so I was raised on Martha's Vineyard and for me there is not other clam chowder than the milk based chowder. However, I have friends from New York who love the other. Vive la difference, and apparently the difference was back in the 19th Century as well.

Wash twelve clams and put on a pan in the oven until the shells open. Drain off the juice, remove the clams from the shell and chop fine. Season the juice with salt, pepper and butter, and let it boil slowly. Heat to the boiling point in a double boiler, one quart of milk. Just before serving, put a little baking soda in the clam juice and pour in the milk.—Anna B. Grover.

Six potatoes, six onions, one-half pound of salt pork, four sea-biscuits, one pint of clams, one quart of milk. Chop pork in half-inch squares, put in pot until browned, then onions (chopped fine), potatoes (cut in dice), clams (chopped), one quart of water. Boil one-half hour, then break in sea-biscuits. Cook for two or three hours slowly, the longer the better. Season with pepper and salt to taste. Just before serving, add one quart of hot milk.— Sarah F. Davis.

Two dozen clams chopped fine, four potatoes, two onions, a small cupful of tomatoes, six Boston crackers (broken in small pieces), one-fourth pound of salt pork. Slice pork and fry in a kettle, remove and chop fine. Add one quart of water and the juice of the clams, alternate layers of vegetables sliced very thin. Season to taste. Stew three hours. Just before serving, add one quart of hot milk.—Mrs. J. T. Morrison.

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