Monday, June 23, 2014

Beverages Continued

Below are some additional recipes for common beverages from the 19th Century:

To Make Good Tea.
—In making tea it is usual to allow a teaspoonful of dry tea for each person. First scald the teapot by filling it with boiling water, and letting it stand a few minutes near the fire. Turn off the water and put in the dry tea; over this pour boiling water enough to cover it. Cover the teapot closely, and stand near the fire for five ~minutes. Fill up with boiling water, and serve.

To Make Good Chocolate
—Grate one cake of fine French chocolate, and put it over the fire .
with lukewarm water enough to cover it. Stir gently until thoroughly dissolved. Pour in gradually, stirring all the time, half a pint of boiling milk. Boil all gently for five minutes, and serve.

Chocolate a la FRANCAISE
—Grate one cake of fine French chocolate into a gill of cold milk. Put into a vessel of boiling water, and stir till well mixed. Add half a pint of milk and water, cold, and let it gradually come to a boil, stirring all the time. Boil fifteen minutes.

—-Soak a teacupful of dry shells all night in a quart of cold water; boil in the same water three hours before using. (Prepared shells do not require soaking.) Boil them rapidly for one hour, settle and strain, and add boiling milk in the proportion of a pint of milk to a quart of water and three ounces of shells.

-To make broma, powder in a mortar, two ounces of arrowroot, half a pound of loaf sugar, and a pound of pure chocolate. Sifi carefully through a hair sieve. To two tablespoonfuls of this powder put two tablespoonfuls of cream. Stir till well mixed, pour on half a pint of boiling milk, and boil all for ten minutes.
Source: The Godey's Lady's Book Receipts ©1870

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