Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Luncheon

Hi all,

I hope this Easter holiday finds you have a great time with family and friends. And for those of you who believe in the Resurrection of Jesus, I pray God's blessings for you in the upcoming year.

Now in keeping with the holiday I found this interesting question asked by a reader in "Table Talk"©1895 and the answer below.

Mrs. C. P. W., Washington, D. C, writes: "Will you kindly give me an Easter luncheon menu, with decorations for same?"
Puree of Clams in Cups
Creamed Fish in Paper Cases
Sweetbreads with Mushrooms a la Bechamel
Asparagus with White Sauce
Lettuce Salad
Cheese Fondu

Ice Cream
An Easter luncheon would not alone seem to demand a profusion of flowers, but those most typical of the season. So the menu, decorations, etc., should be as white as possible, using green as the background color. For the centre pieces use a cut-glass bowl filled with lilies of the valley. Radiating from this as a centre lay the Easter lilies so as to bring a cluster of blossoms before each place. The long, spiky leaves of the stem fill the space between, making an effective decoration. White bon bons in cutglass dishes, so far as possible, and a white service, should be used. The candelabra should be of glass and silver, the candles white, and the shades, if green, should be white-lined to avoid the ghastly color thrown from the green. Ice-cream designs may be had of lilies, either in individual forms of the delicate lily of the valley or a large one of the Easter lily. Two or three years ago at an Easter luncheon one of Sherry's designs created great comment for its beauty. It was a large Easter lily composed of translucent sugar, and holding ice cream flowers of various colors. To the stem of the lily was tied by a delicate green ribbon a spray of natural lilies.

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