Friday, January 10, 2014


I found these recipes for Granola and thought I'd pass them on. When I make Granola today we generally eat it as a cold cereal.

Gbanola is a preparation of oats and wheat ready cooked. It is excellent eaten with milk or cream, either hot or cold. It may also be served with fruit juices, or it may be used in place of bread crumbs for scalloped vegetables, and for sprinkling the tops of prepared dishes.
Granola Mush.— Granola makes a most appetizing and quickly prepared breakfast dish. Into a quart of boiling water sprinkle a pint of granola. Milk may be used instead of water, if preferred; then a little less granola will be needed. Cook for two or three minutes, and serve hot with cream.
Granola Fruit Mush.—Prepare the mush as directed, and stir into it, when done, a large cupful of nicely steamed, seedless raisins. Serve hot with cream. Milk may be used instead of water, if preferred.
Granola Peach Mush.— Instead of the raisins directed in the preceding recipe, add to the mush, when done, a pint of sliced yellow peaches. Finely cut, mellow sweet apples, sliced bananas, or blueberries may be used in a similar way.
Raspberry Granola Mush.— For this, use the freshly extracted juice of red raspberries, diluted with one part of water, or the juice from canned red raspberries. Heat a quart of the juice to boiling, sprinkle in sufficient granola to thicken (about one pint will be needed), cook for two or three minutes, and serve hot, with or without cream.
Grape Granola Mush.— Prepare the same as the preceding, using the juice of grapes for the liquid. Other fruit juices may be used in the same manner.
Granola and Gluten Mush.— Heat a quart of milk to boiling. Into it stir one-half cup of prepared gluten, mixed with one cup of granola. Cook for two or three minutes, beating it lightly meanwhile; then serve.
Granola Crust for Pies.— For one pie take two thirds of a cup of granola, moisten with an equal quantity of thin cream or rich milk, and let it stand a minute; place the moistened mass in the center of the pie-tin, and with a spoon spread it evenly and thinly over the bottom and around the sides of the tin, leaving no holes. Pill with any one of the different prepared fillings given below, and bake ten or fifteen minutes. To form the edge nicely, rest the length of the first finger of the left hand against the edge of the tin, and press the material against it. The shaping of the crust will require but a few moments, and should be done as soon as the granola is well moistened, as it absorbs the liquid and soon becomes dry again.
Source: Every-day Dishes and Every-day Work ©1897

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