Monday, September 18, 2017

Linen Weddings

This comes from the Ladies' Home Journal ©1893

MAY be celebrated twenty years from the "day of days " in a woman's life. It must be confessed that, although it furnishes an excellent opportunity for pretty presents in embroidered doilies and all manner of other napery, it is less suggestive to a hostess as a "theme" for an entertainment. A dinner, to which only intimate friends and the families of bride and groom are invited, seems more appropriate than any more ambitious observance of the day.
The invitations may be written on squares of linen in indelible ink and inclosed in envelopes of the same material. The elaborate folding of napkins is no longer in vogue, but the fashion might be revived on such an occasion when linen is to be made the prominent feature. Any pretty drawnwork or embroidered linen may be appropriately introduced. Napkins folded to represent a succession of scallop-shells or fans may surround and conceal the dish holding the flowers in the centre of the table. No flowers are so suitable for the occasion as the pretty blue blossoms of the flax plant, but they are hardly vivid enough by themselves to be effective, as the table is so severely white. Bright poppies and yellow-hearted daisies mingled among the blue flax make a charming centrepiece. Small squares of fine linen with fringed edges may be embroidered with the guests' names in blue or red (Kensington stitch) in bold English writing, and will answer very well for name-cards when made to adhere to squares of Bristol-board bymeans of a little flour paste.
Nothing makes a better surface for watercolor painting than linen, and imagination may run riot if the hostess be an artist. Upon every dish a round, fringed doily should be placed.
A really dainty flower-holder may be made by placing a slender thin glass tumbler in the centre of a round piece of fine linen, edged with lace an inch or two wide. This should be drawn up and plaited around the edge of the tumbler and tied with narrow ribbon in many loops. The lace stands out like a ruffle, making a border around the flowers.

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