Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Glove Men's Attire

THE GLOVE. It is not a universal custom in the United States to wear gloves as part of the ordinary dress of a gentleman, but it is in good taste. The use of the glove when worn should be subject to the following rules: In walking or afternoon dress, in church, or at places of public amusement, a gentleman should wear gloves of subdued shades. At a full dress social entertainment, where there is dancing or at a wedding, reception or dinner party, he should wear white gloves. At funerals he should wear black gloves. {See Salutations—The Glove.) SEATED AT THE TABLE Remove your gloves, open your napkin and spread it across your lap. With some it is customary to fasten the napkin across the chest. This practice is not in best style. (See Table Manners.) Ladies should not eat with their gloves on unless their hands are not fit to be seen. At all evening receptions and dinner parties, full evening dress for ladies should be rigidly observed. Gentlemen should appear in black, full dress coat and pantaloons, white or black vest, and white necktie and gloves. (Far Dress and Toilettes see General Etiquette.) In morning calls a gentleman should leave his cane or umbrella in the hall, but carry his hat and gloves in his hand and overcoat over his arm. If necessary he can place his hat on the floor by his side, and not on the mantel-piece or table. In evening calls these articles should be left in the hall or where the servant indicates. Hand-book of official and social etiquette and public ceremonials at Washington ©1886